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The Athol Recreation Committee and friends came together to host the Strawberry Social once again this year. Many thanks to the many, many volunteers (some pictured above) who came out to hull strawberries, help set-up, serve and clean up after the event.  Special thanks to our many wonderful bakers who donated delicious and creative “works of art” cakes to the event.

Special thanks to our hullers:  Patti, Emma, Peter, Bonnie, Janet, Graham, Glen, Brian, Debbie and Janelle.

Our set-up crew:  Dylan, Brian, Glen, Susan and Graham.

Our advertising crew, our servers,  helpers and clean up crew: Barb, Ryan, Glen, Susan, Lily, Janet, Billy, Graham, Donna,  Bonnie, Peter, Shannon, Tess,  Janelle along with those in attendance who lent a helping hand.

Special thanks to our wonderful bakers:

Megan Van Horne for her wonderful raffle cake, the Hubb, The Regent Cafe, Zest, Pink Lunch Pail, Mad Dog Gallery, the Manse,  the Hayloft, the Bald Photographer, Honey Pie Hives and Herbs, Comedy Country,  Woo Hoo Farms, Cherry Valley Women’s Institute and many, many more!!!!!!

Special thanks to Johnny Lam Photography for the wonderful photos above.  To see more or Johnny’s photos of the event go to http://johnnycylam.tumblr.com/post/122593394779/once-a-year-people-gather-at-cherry-valley-in

Shout out to the Sandbanks New Waves Concert fir 2 free tickets to the event that were raffled off http://www.sandbanksnewwaves.com


Our wild and wonderful servers! Graham, Janet Billy and Lily!



The Hayloft’s Chuck Berry Cake!!!!

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