Oh what a night!

The kids of Athol set the valley on fire last night at the first Athol Kids Dance Party.

With DJ Pat in a Hat and Assistant Liz laying down a mean playlist, more than 45 Athol kids between grades 3 – 8 brought the house down with their mad dance skills, intake of pop and chips, and dedication to a good ol’ fashion conga line.

Thanks to Jess Gibeau of Cherry Valley for reaching out to the Athol Rec Committee to partner on the dance, and to the many parents and community members who volunteered. We’re not sure who had more fun; the kids, the parents reminiscing about their first dance, or the mom who took salsa lessons from one of the young dancers.

Do you have an idea for a community event and want to learn how the Athol Rec Committee can support your? Email us at atholrec@gmail.com

Mayor Steve Ferguson and Councillor Sam Branderhorst invite Athol ward residents to a community conversation on Wednesday, May 31.

They will share ward-specific updates and information before opening the floor so that attendees can discuss topics of interest in their area.

This event is the second in a series of community conversations in wards across Prince Edward County in 2023. Last month, Mayor Ferguson and Councillor John Hirsch met with residents of South Marysburgh ward.

The upcoming conversation will take place at the Athol Town Hall (1685 County Road 10, Cherry Valley) from 7-9 pm. If there is a particular topic you wish to discuss at the upcoming event, please send an email in advance to Joy McLeod, Executive Assistant to Mayor Ferguson, at jmcleod@pecounty.on.ca.

Community conversations will take place in every ward in 2023. The location and date of future meeting will be announced three weeks in advance. Sign up to receive updates from the County and follow the municipality on Facebook or Twitter.

Have an idea for an event and just need a space to do it? Reach out and

let’s see if we can make it happen!

Kids dance party for all Athol kids and those who attend Athol-South Marysburgh Public School!

😃Kids grades 3-8
😀Free to attend
😃 Cash snack bar
😀 DJ and party lights

There is a capacity so you will be a need to RSVP to atholrec@gmail.com

This is being hosted by parents of ASM. To volunteer, send us an email!

The wonderful Cherry Valley Women’s Institute is back with their pie sale on Saturday May 20th starting at 9am until all the pies are gone and it will be fast!!! Please come out and support these wonderful women who do some many wonderful things in our community.

After 2 Scrabble Games interrupted by a wonderful potluck lunch, the combined highest score winner was Carol Hobbs (centre) with a score of 396, followed by past champ Angela Adams(left) with 369 and Barb Callaghan in 3rd place with 360. It shoud be noted that the 4th place winner with a score of 359 was Sarah Vader, closely followed by Chole Peterson at 357.

Big thanks to members of the Athol Recreation Committee for bringing back this wonderful event. Left to right Chair Alison Kelly, Vice Chair Robin Snip, Treasurer Stephanie Cressman, standing member Susan Wallis and Secretary Nancy Cherwinka.

Stay tuned for more exciting events!

Last evening, at the sold out Cherry Valley Women’s Institute’s Ham Supper, the Athol Receration Committee member Glen Wallis and our Athol Ward Councillor Sam Branderhorst were thrilled to award Dini Kempenaar-Terpstra with the Phil Dodd’s award in recognition of her volunteer service to the community of Athol. Way to go Dini! We thank you and applaud all your hardwork. Dini has been active with the Cherry Vallery Women’s Institute for many, many years and has worked to raise money to support many initiatives in our community.


The late Philip Dodds, nicknamed by those who knew him as ‘Mr. Prince Edward’, joined the Picton Gazette at the age of 18 as a reporter in 1924 and retired as the editor of the paper 42 years later. He was an active supporter of service clubs, events and organizations and is well-known for his promotions of the Picton Fair for more than 20 years.

He is also the editor of the book Athol, Stories of a Township and its People During the Past 132 Years. The book is an invaluable account of local Athol history available for all to read at the library in Picton. He is buried in the Cherry Valley cemetery.

The Phil Dodd’s award is awarded each year to a person who goes above and beyond in supporting and volunteering in their community.

After a long hiatus due to the pandemic and retiring members the Athol Recreation Committee is back up and running and will be working togehter to bring back some old events and some new ones to our community hall.

Here is our new Athol Recreation Committee:

Left to Right. Glen Wallis(Past Chair), Jeremy Larter, Nancy Cherwinka (Secretary), Alison Kelly (Chair), Robin Snip (Vice Chair), Stephanie Malka (Treasurer), Sam Branderhorst (Athol Councillor),Ramesh Pooran and Susan Wallis (not pictured).

We would like to take this opportunity to thank previous members Gavin North, Barb Wyatt, Bonnie Robson, Janet Davies and Braydon Scully for their support over the years.

Want to get involved??? Reach out to our Chair Alison Kelly alison.s.currie@gmail.com or any of the Committee members.

There will be no yoga classes today as the County has closed all halls due tot he holiday.

Classes will resume on Thursday.