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In the modified lyrics of Ella Fitzgerald……


And that’s why birds do it
Bees do it
Even educated fleas do it
Let’s do it,  let’s take a yoga class tonight with Carrie!

Tonight and every Thursday till June 25th.


Be kind to your body!



Mats supplied or bring your own.

Athol Town Hall, Cherry Valley



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The Athol Recreation Committee is happy to announce that we are a proud sponsor of the kid’s programming at the Sandbanks New Waves Concert on September 19th in the  Sandbanks Park,  located as we all know in the great ward of ATHOL!!  We will be raffling off tickets for this event at upcoming Athol Recreation Centre Events, or to be safe buy your tickets now!  See poster below for details. www.sandbanksnewwaves.com

Sandbanks New Waves  wants the event to be a great time for all, and you know kids are the best part of an exciting time, anytime!  We’ve got a whole collection of unique kids programming that will not just keep it fun for young people, but enrich the experience for everyone.

1. Puppets and Capes – Kids will get a chance to create their own puppets and capes working with our textile artist Krista Dalby!   All junior artistes will get to keep their creations as a memento of their time on the beach at Sandbanks New Waves!

2. Art Face Painting – We have brought in a real honest-to-goodness artist, Sarah Renaud-Wilkinson, that will take face painting up a notch.  We’re not just talking about cute cat faces, but real one-of-a-kind temporary masterpieces that the kids will love.  This walking art will make put a smile on the face of everyone and the whole place will sparkle even more than it already does with the crystal clear water of Sandbanks beach right nearby!

3. Murals – All day long, we’ll be working with the kids to create a collection of 4 large murals that will be hung on the sides of the stage.  Talk about a great way to create a unique artistic collaboration that everyone will get to enjoy.


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