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Please find below the proposed agenda for tomorrow’s meeting.  All are welcome to attend!

Hope to see you there!      Glen Wallis, Chair, Athol Recreation Committee


Athol Recreation Committee

7:00 pm June 16

Athol Hall

 1. Call to Order

2. Confirmation of Agenda

2.1 Motion to Confirm Agenda

THAT the agenda for the Athol Ward Recreation Committee meeting of June 16, 2015 be confirmed.

3.Disclosure of Pecuniary Interest and the General Nature Thereof

4.Adoption of Minutes from Previous Meeting

4.1            Minutes from the meeting held on May 11, 2015.

THAT the Athol Ward Recreation Committee Minutes from the meeting held on May 11,2015 be adopted as presented.

5. Deputations

            Janelle from Cherry Valley United Church

Ben O’Brian Landscape Architect

6. Items for Consideration

           Strawberry Social

Support Food to Share

Alva’s Ledger

Hall Renovations

Report from Donna and Linda’s visit to municipal rec committee meeting

Possible Improv Night

Children’s event in the summer

Protocols for decision-making in the summer

Cheque from the County for our per diem

Fall Events (Yoga etc. Games nights, Movie Nights, workshops etc.)

Leftover Liquor from Western Pub night

6.1            Treasurers Report

THAT the Treasurers report for the (month of or specific date range) be adopted as presented.

6.2            Correspondence

THAT the Correspondence received from__________regarding __________ be received.

 7. Adjournment

            THAT this meeting now adjourn at     p.m.



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