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AGENDA Athol Recreation Committee 
Tuesday May 10th, 2016 7:00 pm.  
1.Call to Order
2.Confirmation of Agenda
2.1 Motion to Confirm Agenda THAT the agenda for the Athol Ward Recreation Committee meeting of May 10th, 2016 be confirmed.
3.Disclosure of Pecuniary Interest and the General Nature Thereof
4.Adoption of Minutes from Previous Meeting
4.1 Minutes from the meeting held on April 12th, 2016 at 7:00pm
THAT the Athol Ward Recreation Committee Minutes from the meeting held on April 12th 2016 be adopted as presented.
5. Deputations (Maximum time per deputation 15 minutes each)
6.Items for Consideration:
Hall Reno Update
Front Garden
Review events and assign dates so that Barb can book and confirm leads.
May 14th Yard Sale 9am-noon (Janet\Donna)
Cherry Valley Women’s Institute Pie Sale May 21st 9 am (WI)
Improv Night May 21st 6:30 pm Free Workshop, 8 pm Show. (Sue and Glen)
Strawberry Social Wednesday June 29th or July 6th depending on the local Strawberry Season (Sue|Glen)
Improv Night June 11th 6:30 pm Free Workshop, 8 pm Show.(Sue and Glen)
Improv Night July 30th  6:30 pm Free Workshop, 8 pm Show. (Sue and Glen)
Improv Night August 27th  6:30 pm Free Workshop, 8 pm Show. (Sue and Glen)
Late August-Mini Golf Da-Date to be confirmed (Glen & ?)
Children’s Play Day-Date to be confirmed (Donna, Janet, Bonnie)
Concert in Cherry Valley-Date to be confirmed (Ryan)
Fall- Saloon Night-Date to be confirmed (Donna)
Hallowe’en Dance- October 29th (Janet)
Fall-Lantern Making Workshop-Date to be confirmed (Sue)
Fall-Spaghetti dinner-Date to be confirmed (Cathy)
Winter- Christmas Pantomime Bus trip to Sterling-Date to be confirmed (Sue)
Winter-Scrabble-Date to be confirmed (Janet)
Winter-Ping Pong-Date to be confirmed
Winter-Movie Night-Date to be confirmed
Winter-Bowling Night-Date to be confirmed (Shannon)
Yoga Classes (Sue liason with Carrie)
Please note Monthly Game’s nights are finished for the season until further notice.
6.1 Treasurers Report THAT the Treasurers report for the month of January 2016 be adopted as presented.
Other Business:
6.2 Correspondence  THAT the Correspondence received from________regarding __________ be received
7.Adjournment            MEETING adjourned at     p.m. Next Meeting Date Tuesday June 14th at 7 pm.

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