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Improv Workshop

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Ever find yourself wondering: “What the heck is happening in this scene??” This advanced workshop explores the idea that scenes can often be broken down into one of two categories: one weirdo or two weirdos. We will cover how to recognize which kind of scene you’re in and what you can do in either case. “One Weirdo, Two Weirdos” teaches you to listen carefully so you can identify and build your scenes from a strong position. This way you can develop an instinctive awareness of exactly what the heck is happening in your scene.

Instructor: VINNY FRANCOIS of Montréal Improv

$40 per person
Requirements: Active improv experience required


Vinny Francois has over 20 years of experience as a professional improviser and is an award-winning instructor. A founding director of the Montreal Improv Theatre, he has performed in more shows and venues across Canada than he cares to count. He also is Executive Producer of Mprov: The Montreal Improv Festival.

Vinny plays in and directs his mash-up of an Armando with a Ted-Talk, “Learn Real Good”. He has co-produced four improv shows for the Montreal Fringe Festival and directed the tragic improv show “It’s Not You, It’s Me” in Canada, the US and the UK. He has appeared in improv festivals in New York, Boston, Philadelphia, Austin, Ottawa, Toronto, Victoria, Winnipeg & Vancouver (Best Workshop, 2016) and was the inaugural Ensemble Director for the Improvised Play Festival in 2017. Vinny has also performed and held workshops in Dublin, London, Paris, Antwerp, Geneva, Tallinn, Canberra, Melbourne, & Wellington.
His locally produced shows include:

  • Life Story (a one-man version of Johnstone’s Life Game, 2013)
  • Double Down (an evening of duos, 2014-ongoing)
  • As The Bagel Turns (an improvised soap opera, 2014)
  • Superhospital (an improvised medical drama, 2014-2015)
  • Flash Memory (an improvised noir/sci-fi, comedy/drama experiment with audio-visual elements, 2016)

Vinny is excited to share the thrill of doing improv with anyone willing to learn.


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