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And the AWARD goes to….

The Athol Recreation Committee is pleased to announce the Phil Dodds Memorial Award this year goes to Cherry Valley resident Susan Wallis. Sue was Vice-Chair of the committee for several years before taking on the Treasurer’s role. An acclaimed encaustic artist, she cheerfully admits that accounting is not her “first language”, nevertheless she stepped into the void and successfully applied energy and commitment to the task to keep the committee rolling. Among her many contributions as a volunteer, Susan was instrumental, with her husband Glen, in bringing back the much-loved Strawberry Social summer event to Cherry Valley. She created and maintains the Athol Rec Blog site (atholreccentre.com) and has posted more than 500 items to date to keep the community up to date on What’s Happening. As well as orchestrating many events and workshops, Susan is the uncrowned Queen of Decorating for committee activities at Athol Town Hall and the go-to person should you need a costume for an Athol Rec. event. The committee thanks Susan for her enthusiasm and her contributions.

-Janet Davies, Secretary of the Athol Recreation Committee and previous award winner.
 About Phil Dodds: Philip Dodds nicknamed by those who knew him as Mr. Prince Edward.  Dodds joined the Picton Gazette at the age of 18 as a reporter in 1924 and retired as the editor of the paper 42 years later.  He is also the editor of the book Athol, Stories of a Township and it’s People During the Past 132 Years.  The book is an invaluable account of local Athol history available for all to read at the library in Picton.  Mr. Dodds is buried in the Cherry Valley cemetery.  The Phil Dodds Memorial award recgonizes volunteer service to the community of Athol Township.

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