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Take part in either our ‘Stillness Sessions” lead by Cherry Valley resident Dia Norrington on Wednesdays  or “Yoga with Carrie” on Thursdays.


Weekly Group Practice Sessions in Foundational

Sitting Meditation, Mindful Stretching, and Qi Gong

Athol Recreation Centre, Cherry Valley

Wednesdays from 7 to 8:30 pm.


10 minutes of sitting practice to calm & prepare your mind, body and spirit.

20 minutes of stretching practice to soften and open your physical body and energy pathways.

10 minutes of sitting practice to gently turn your awareness further inward.

20 minutes of qigong practice to circulate and vitalize your energy body.

20 minutes of sitting practice to acknowledge & assimilate the effects of the three practices.

Dia. dia.in.pec@gmail.com 613 847 3535


Current Session

November 3rd to December 8th for a 6 week period

$5 per class.

Thursdays 5:30-6:45 pm

Drop in

Matts supplied

All levels!


A note from Carrie:

Students will learn to establish a rhythm using breath and movement while becoming aware of their bodies and creating stillness within their minds. Connecting with their inner messenger and learning how to nurture themselves.   

For more information on Carrie and her yoga practice go to www.lightlaughlove.com

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Our Clothes Swap in November organized by Shannon with assistance by Bonnie and Susan, was a great success.  So much so that we are planning a children’s clothes swap in the future.

All remaining clothing was donated to Alternatives for Women and other local charities.


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