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It wasn’t that long ago on July 30th that the County’s Artisanal Improv Group, Taste That! coverted the Athol Town Hall into a Comedy Club.   Following a free Improv Class lead by Gemini Award winning Paul Snepts and Julianne Snepts the troupe hit the stage with the show aptly named “You’re in Athol!”


The Athol Town Hall transformed into a Comedy Club on July 30th!


Taste That Troupe Members Left to Right, Gavin North, Julianne Snepts, Lenny Epstein, Paul Snepts, Susan Wallis, Ryan Aldred and Glen Wallis.


The County Round Up report starring Susan Wallis, Lenny Epstein (chicken), Gavin North and (chicken) Glen Wallis.

If you missed that night there are rumours that they may return to the hall sometime over the winter! In the meantime,  check them out this Sunday August 30th during Homegrown Hilarity at 8 pm at Bloomfield hall along with other local funny folks who will take to the stage for a talent show of hometown humour. The show will feature stand-up, improv, video, story-telling and comedy songs with a County flair.   For more info go to:



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