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Calendar Update!



Here is a brief over review of what we have planned for 2015!!!

February 1st.  Scrabble Tournament  (Poster with details to follow soon).

February 16th- Athol Rec. Meeting 7 pm

February 28th Duck Nest Building (Details to follow)

March 7th Saloon Night-  Featuring Whoa Nellie!

March 9th -Athol Rec. Meeting 7 pm

March 18th- Women’s Institute Ham Supper

March 22nd- Ping Pong Tournament

April 10th- Annual General Meeting and Potluck

May 11th -Athol Rec. Meeting 7 pm

Strawberry Social : Date TBC (Depending on the local strawberry season!)

Ongoing Yoga Classes- subscribe to our blog to get session updates.

Remember Game’s Nights are the first and 3rd Friday of every month (excluding July and August) starting at our NEW time of 7:00 pm.

and much, much more………………is in the works!





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