Yard Sale this Saturday!

The Athol Recreation Committee is pleased to announce the Phil Dodds Memorial Award this year goes to Cherry Valley resident Susan Wallis. Sue was Vice-Chair of the committee for several years before taking on the Treasurer’s role. An acclaimed encaustic artist, she cheerfully admits that accounting is not her “first language”, nevertheless she stepped into the void and successfully applied energy and commitment to the task to keep the committee rolling. Among her many contributions as a volunteer, Susan was instrumental, with her husband Glen, in bringing back the much-loved Strawberry Social summer event to Cherry Valley. She created and maintains the Athol Rec Blog site (atholreccentre.com) and has posted more than 500 items to date to keep the community up to date on What’s Happening. As well as orchestrating many events and workshops, Susan is the uncrowned Queen of Decorating for committee activities at Athol Town Hall and the go-to person should you need a costume for an Athol Rec. event. The committee thanks Susan for her enthusiasm and her contributions.

-Janet Davies, Secretary of the Athol Recreation Committee and previous award winner.
 About Phil Dodds: Philip Dodds nicknamed by those who knew him as Mr. Prince Edward.  Dodds joined the Picton Gazette at the age of 18 as a reporter in 1924 and retired as the editor of the paper 42 years later.  He is also the editor of the book Athol, Stories of a Township and it’s People During the Past 132 Years.  The book is an invaluable account of local Athol history available for all to read at the library in Picton.  Mr. Dodds is buried in the Cherry Valley cemetery.  The Phil Dodds Memorial award recgonizes volunteer service to the community of Athol Township.

Here is our agenda for this month’s meeting.  As always all are invited to attend.


Athol Rec. Committee Agenda Wed. September 13th 6:30 pm.

1.Call to Order

2.Confirmation of Agenda

2.1 Motion to Confirm Agenda THAT the agenda for the Athol Ward Recreation Committee meeting of September 13th 2017 be confirmed.

3.Disclosure of Pecuniary Interest and the General Nature Thereof

4.Adoption of Minutes from Previous Meeting on June 7th 2017.

4.1 Minutes from the meeting held on June 7th 2017.

THAT the Athol Ward Recreation Committee Minutes from the meeting held on June 7th 2017 be adopted as presented.

5.Deputations (Maximum time per deputation 15 minutes each)


6.Items for Consideration

Hall Reno Update- Glen (Front\Prints\Kitchen\Chairs\Other clean-up)

Review Past Events:

– Improv nights (July and August)

Upcoming Events:

-Yoga with Carrie current session September 7 –October 12th 2017

-Games nights?

-Lantern Workshop Nov. 5th

-Yard Sale- May 27th postponed to Fall? Janet and Shannon.

-Bowling (Shannon) Fall?

-Other events?

– 6.1 Treasurers Report : June\July\August reports

Other Business:

New members: Candace Wilkins

6.2 Correspondence THAT the Correspondence received from________regarding __________ be received

7.Adjournment MEETING adjourned at _____p.m.


Next Meeting date : To be discussed



$5 per class.

Thursdays 5:30-6:45 pm

Drop in

Mats Supplied

All levels!


Current Session runs September 7th to October 12th 2017.


Buy Tickets online  for $10 here!

 $12 at Books and Company in Picton.

$15 at the door

Doors open 7:30  Show 8:00 pm.  Cash Bar.


This on-your-feet improv workshop focuses on laying the groundwork surrounding cross cultural & interpersonal respect on a stage. You build trust with your fellow improvisers, learn a common language as performers and utilize your strengths as individuals and how it fits in a team dynamic. The goals of this workshop are to provide a skill set that will empower performers to make bold, respectful choices on stage while also learning from shared experiences.

Requirements: Intermediate improv experience preferred

Instructors: Kevin Vidal and Christian Smith of SOUL DECISION

Tickets online  here!

Our last Improv night with Taste That and special guests SONGBUSTER was amazing.  Here are a few shots from that night of hilarity.

Sorry you missed it?  You should be.  Next show is August 19th featuring Soul Decision.



Explore a world of characters and relationships with the award winning – high energy duo, Soul Decision. Watch Christian Smith & Kevin Vidal as they weave in narrative while smoothly transitioning from scene to scene. They’ll make you dance, cry and hopefully beatbox. Oh and they’ll make you laugh!

Soul Decision is made up of Kevin Vidal (nice guy) and Christian Smith (cool guy). They were recently named the “Best of the Fest” for the Toronto Sketch Comedy festival (2017) and performed in the “Best of the Fest” show in the Montreal Sketch Fest (2017). Christian is a Second City alumni of their House Company and understudies for their Touring Company. Christian & Kevin are currently in the online sketch show Tennyson Industries. Kevin is an alumni of the Second City Mainstage in Toronto. You can catch him on CBC’s Workin’ Moms and Kim’s Convenience. Both are actors and writers but most of all they’re nice boys.


Doors open 7:30 pm.  Show 8 pm.  Cash bar and snacks.

Buy your tickets online NOW by clicking link below.  Limited seating.


Brought to you by those swell folks of the Athol Recreation Committee and their friends, Comedy Country.

Buy your tickets online by clicking right here!

$10 online, $15 at the door.

Doors Open 7:30.  Show starts at 8 pm.  Cash Bar.  Snacks.

Every night is opening night! Marvel as an incredible, award-winning cast of improvisers creates a brand new musical on the spot. Audience suggestions are transformed into a fast-paced, ridiculous and always entertaining new musical complete with brand new songs, stories and characters. You’ll laugh. You’ll cry. You’ll want to see it again… but you can’t!

Created in the summer of 2015 by Stephanie Malek (Bad Dog’s Final Frontier) and Josh Murray (Second City Touring Company), this improvised musical is directed by Tom King and Carly Heffernan. Joining Malek and Murray in the cast are Ashley Comeau (Second City Mainstage), Tricia Black (Sketchersons), Alexandra Hurley (Edinburgh Fringe), Nug Nahrgang (Evil Dead! The Musical), Nicky Nasrallah (PANACEA!), and Connor Thompson (Second City Mainstage).

Opening for Songbuster is your local Artisanal Comedy Troupe, Taste That!!!!