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We’re back………

After a long hiatus due to the pandemic and retiring members the Athol Recreation Committee is back up and running and will be working togehter to bring back some old events and some new ones to our community hall.

Here is our new Athol Recreation Committee:

Left to Right. Glen Wallis(Past Chair), Jeremy Larter, Nancy Cherwinka (Secretary), Alison Kelly (Chair), Robin Snip (Vice Chair), Stephanie Malka (Treasurer), Sam Branderhorst (Athol Councillor),Ramesh Pooran and Susan Wallis (not pictured).

We would like to take this opportunity to thank previous members Gavin North, Barb Wyatt, Bonnie Robson, Janet Davies and Braydon Scully for their support over the years.

Want to get involved??? Reach out to our Chair Alison Kelly alison.s.currie@gmail.com or any of the Committee members.

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