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In 1909 the general Store in Cherry Valley was run then by Mr. and Mrs. Browne. Over the years the building has changed with various additions. The general store supplied the residents of Cherry Valley and Athol with everything from baby food to gravestones. It also housed the post office along with a barber shop. The General store was an important part of the village. It was a gathering place for the locals. In the winter it was often the case to see the local men sitting around the stove in the store playing checkers.


The Athol Recreation Committee is looking for old photos, stories and any historical documents from days gone by of Athol. Anything from the early days to the 70’s would be great.   Do you have any that you could share with us?  We don’t want the originals, we just want to copy them to be displayed on the walls of the Athol Town Hall.

Please contact Susan Wallis at susanwalllis@kos.net or call 613-476-2554.

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