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In preparation for the upcoming Strawberry Social (Date to be confirmed.) We are looking for bakers to donate pies, cakes, cupcakes, scones, anything that tastes good with a dollop of ice cream and fresh local strawberries.

If interested in donating a baked item or you would like to help out at the event please email:

susanwallis@kos.net or call 613-476-2554 and leave a message.

                    Actual date will be chosen later this month depending on the local strawberry season.

TENTATIVE dates are either Wednesday, June 27th or Wednesday, July 4th, 5-7 pm

Don’t miss this sweet event!

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Public Meeting

                                                On Tuesday June 12th at 7pm 
                          the Athol Recreation Committee is hosting a Public Meeting
                             at the Town Hall in Cherry Valley, 1685 County Road 10.
              The Meeting is to discuss the re-zoning of CherryVale Farm and 
             future events on its land, with landowner David Raistrick, Athol ward councillor                 Jamie Forrester, and any concerned citizens interested in hearing more 
                                                        about the situation. 

                                                          All are welcome!

                         The Recreation Committee is hosting this meeting to facilitate and 
                                      encourage open dialogue in our community. 

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