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We are sadly coming to the end of the strawberry season, which is the perfect time to reflect on our recent Strawberry  Social at the end of June.  We would like to thank all our wonderful volunteers and bakers that helped to make it such a  “sweet” success.

Big thanks to Donna Kaye,  Gavin North and Susan Wallis who  together set up the hall to look so welcoming and cheerful.


To our servers and helpers:  Ryan Noth, Shannon Hunter, Lily Lee, Janet Davies, Donna Kaye and Ken Arseneault.

Our Photographer: Ramesh Pooran

Lead Organizers of the event Susan and Glen Wallis

Lead Organizers of the event Susan and Glen Wallis


Servers Jan Davies and Lily Lee

Servers Jan Davies and Lily Lee

Our Door Persons:  Susan Wallis and Ryan Noth

Our Raffle Gal:  Michelle Mossey


Big thanks to our wonderful bakers:  Jutta Naim, Ramesh Pooran, Donna Kaye, Bay Woodward of Honey Pie Hives and Herbs, Marianne Saunders of the Warring House, Jenny and Kyle of Zest Kitchen, Sandbanks Summer Village, Carson Arthur, Penny’s Pantry,  Barbara Wyatt, Julianne Snepsts of Taste That, the County’s Artisanal Improv Troupe, Melanie of Stowaway, Rebecca Durning RMT, Bonnie and Peter Robson,  Jen Ross, Miss Lily’s Cafe,  Susan Wallis of AWAY B&B, Christine Renaud,  Rebecca of the Pink Lunch Pail, Chris of the Manse and our raffle cake baker Meghan Van Horne!!  (Cakes were coming in fast and furious during the event so we apologize in advance if we missed adding your name above, but thank you nonetheless for your generosity!)


Meaghan Van Horne’s delightful raffle cake.

Here is a gallery of photos from the event.  Big thanks to all who attended.  See you next year!!!  All monies raised  from this event  funds the wonderful events hosted by the Athol Recreation Committee!

Note:  We have a few unclaimed cake plates.  If you are missing your plate please call Susan at 613-476-2554.

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