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Kim White, Clerk from the Corporation of the County of Prince Edward

was on hand last night to conduct the elections for the 2015-16

Athol Recreation Committee.

We are pleased to announce the new Executive and Standing Members as follows:

 Executive Members 2015-16

 Chair:  Glen Wallis  email: glenwallis@kos.net

Vice Chair: Ryan Noth email: ryanjnoth@yahoo.com

Treasurer: Susan Walllis email:susanwallis@kos.net

Secretary: Janet Davies  email:jandavies@kos.net

Congratulations on your appointments!

Voting Members:

Donna Kaye

Barb Wyatt

Billy Munnelly

Linda Cole

Lily Lee

 Special thanks to Kim White for coming out to hold our elections and to answer all  our questions.
Many thanks to our past committee members for all their support and hardwork in the past year (s).
Our Next Meeting is June 15th at 7 pm at the Town Hall.
ALL are welcome to attend!

The Athol Recreation Centre was originally

built as a hall in 1873.   The Athol Town Hall was a

place where the community held many functions.

In the 1980’s. the municipal offices were added at

the rear of the building. Following amalgamation

the building has been used as a community hall.

Today the Athol Town Hall remains the focus of the community

especially in Cherry Valley. There are many groups and

organizations that utilize this hall including the

Cherry Valley Women’s Institute.

The Athol Ward

Recreation Committee runs a variety of special events

including a Strawberry Social, Games Nights, ,Yoga classes, various workshops and so much more!

Interested in booking the hall for your event


the Recreation, Parks and Culture Department at 613-476-2148 or


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Led by project initiator and Cherry Valley resident Neil Kerr and members of the Athol Recreation Committee a duck nest was installed on the edge of the big pond in Cherry Valley. The nest was one of five installed in the marsh areas at both east and west ends of East Lake. The nests are more like tunnels made out of hardware cloth and straw and suspended above the water surface on a steel cradle system. The initiative, funded by the Athol Recreation Committee is meant to prevent predation and to encourage the survival rate of the duck eggs.
Special thanks to John McKinnon, Anne Kerr, Billy Munnelly and Dave Baberstock and others who helped to make the nests at a previous workshop.
Special thank you to Lesley Hadrill and Kevin O’ Connor for allowing us to install the 5th nest on the pond on their property (pictured above).

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