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A small but enthusiastic group gathered at Athol Town Hall on Saturday Feb. 28 to build 5 duck nests. Athol resident Neil Kerr proposed the idea and led the build, with the goal of helping ducks nest safely by creating a nesting haven – racoons and swans often attack duck nests and eat the eggs. In southwestern Manitoba, this program started in the early 90s. Groups there have built more than 3000 nests to date with an average success rate of 60%. A mallard hen will most likely return to her nest, or one nearby, if she can nest successfully.
John McKinnon did a fantastic job welding the support structures. And the project couldn’t have been completed without the generous donation of straw from Dana & Joanne Vader, and Gary Vader

The next step will be installing the nests around Athol and East Lake later in March. The nest and welded structure will be attached to an 8 foot pipe that will be driven into a selected marsh area. Details will be posted later – all are welcome.

A big thank you to Neil, John, the Vader’s, and all who attended. It was wonderful to see new faces supporting the Athol Rec., and it was truly an inspiring project!

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