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The 3rd Annual Scrabble Tournament at the Athol Town Hall in Cherry Valley was a big success with 27 participants vying for the coveted Golden Hoot Award.  The previous champ Scott Bailey was there defending his 2014 win with a previous score of 385,  along with Peta Shelton who ranked in the top 3  in both  2013 and 2014.



After two rousing games the winner, with a combined score of  510 was Ruth Still of Ameliasburgh.    Ruth had an amazing 2nd game with 2 bingos.  (Bingo is a slang term for a scrabble play using all seven of one’s tiles. A player who does this receives 50 points in addition to what the word would normally score.)

The 1st runner-up was Maureen Townson of Picton with a score  of 460 and  the 2nd runner-up,  Alice Mennacher of  South Bay with a score  of 445.


Current Chair,  Kato Wake (left) and Board Member Glen Wallis, award-maker (right) present Ruth Still (centre) with the coveted Golden Hoot!


Maureen Townson 1st runner up (left) Ruth Still, Scrabble champ (centre) and  Alice Mennacher (2nd runner up).


Want to polish up on your scrabble skills?  

Join us the 1st and 3rd Friday of every month for our Games night starting at 7 pm.

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