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Please excuse the oversight in the last post as to the list of  voting members elected to the Board last Friday.

Please see corrected list below.  1000 apologies!

Our  Board for the 2014-2015  is as follows:

Chair: Kato Wake (Re-elected)

Vice Chair:  Susan Wallis (Re-elected)

Treasurer: Lily Lee (Re-elected)

Secretary: Janet Davies (Re-elected)

Voting Members:

Carol King 

Donna Kaye

Billy Munelly (shared vote with Kato Wake)*

Glen Wallis (shared vote with Susan Wallis)*

John McKinnon (shared vote with Lily Lee)*

Big Welcome to NEW members:

Cheryl Belsey of Picton

Ryan Noth & Tess Girard (shared vote)*of Cherry Valley

*It was voted by the committee that households would  go forward and share votes so that more

community persons could become voting members.

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