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It is that time of the month again.  Come out and join the fun this Friday for a roaring game of ping pong, cards and scrabble.  Feel free to bring your own refreshments.  All are welcome!

Did you know?

The earliest known origins of table tennis dates back to the 1880s.   British soldiers in India and South Africa played a game using a table, a row of books placed in the middle of the table for the net, a cigar box lid for the paddle, and a rounded cork from a champagne/wine bottle for the ball.

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Yoga Summer schedule is as follows:

Tuesday June 5th to Thursday July 19th

 Classes at the Athol Town Hall are as follows:

Tuesdays, 5:30 – 6:30 pm


Thursdays, 9:30 – 10:30 am,

$5 drop in fee

 Instructor:  Janet Elson

 On Tuesday, June 26, the Athol Recreation committee will be hulling strawberries to prepare for the Strawberry Social on June 27th.  As a result an alternate location for our class will be announced closer to that date.

 The last class of the Spring Yoga session is this Thursday May 31st.

 Next session will start in September 2012.

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Volunteers are needed to bake cakes and help out at the times listed below.

Please contact Glen Wallis  at gwallis@rogers.com or at  613-476-2554 if interested.

Hull  Strawberries- Tuesday June 26th 5-7pm

Set up Wednesday June 27th noon-4pm

Serving Wednesday June 27th 5-7 pm

Clean up-Wednesday June 27th 7-8pm

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Just a heads up that the Cherry Valley Women’s Institute Pies will not last.

Sale starts at 9am at the Athol Recreation Centre and ends when they run out…….usually within  1   1\2 hours!

So don’t miss out.

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Cherry Valley Women’s Institute’s Pie Sale

this Saturday May 19th at the Athol Recreation Centre.

Starts at 9am till they run out (usually 1  1\2 hours!)

Don’t miss this tasty event!

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Scrabble, cards, ping pong and more…………………

This week’s scrabble game tip:

Start Small to make Bigger words later.

Most players try to make the most points possible each turn, but forethought can go a long way to winning the game. Don’t be afraid to play a small word, like “bee,” “go,” or “red,” if you can keep high-scoring tiles that can be used more effectively later. Don’t think only about the current move, but about future moves, too.

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Come out and join the fun!  Cards, board games, ping pong and interesting conversation with your neighbors.

Please bring

your own refreshments and snacks!

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