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Quinte Conservation is offering wildflower, shrub, and tree seedlings during the week of May 14-18 to


who reside within the Quinte Conservation watersheds

(Moira, Napanee, Salmon, Prince Edward County watershed regions).

Plants and their roots systems absorb wave and ice energy, stabilize soils and prevent erosion. Plants along the shoreline slow surface runoff and filter contaminants before they reach the lake, and help to slow the impacts of flooding and drought. Naturalized shorelines provide food and shelter for fish and wildlife species.

Species available in the mid-May will include:

Wildflower Pack (1 per landowner) that include Blue Flag Iris, Cardinal Flower, and Swamp Milkweed

Shrubs: Red Osier Dogwood, Steeplebush, Meadowsweet, Pussy Willow, Speckled Alder

Trees: White/Paper Birch, Balsam Fir, Balsam Poplar, Red Maple

The seedlings come in bundles of 3 to 5 and are in a soil plug form. They do need to be planted within one week of being received. They will arrive during the week of May 14-18.  You will be notified once they are ready by the Quinte Conservation office in Belleville.

Our Athol Councillor Jamie Forrester will be acting as pick up point for orders in the area of East Lake at his Log Point Cabins location.  However, ALL orders must be placed directly with Maya Navrot of Quinte Conservation.

Each property owner is welcome to 10-15 seedlings, of up to three or four different species plus one wildflower pack.  Quantities are limited. Please email your request to mnavrot@quinteconservation.ca.  Maya will also provide you with a workbook style information package that also highlights each of the species offered this year.

If you are interested in a large planting project on your shoreline, please contact Maya at mnavrot@quinteconservation.ca  or 613-968-3434 ext 131 to inquire.  There are numerous programs waterfront property owners can utilize to help cover costs to plant their shorelines.

Maya Navrot

Education and Stewardship Coordinator

Quinte Conservation


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Tickets at the door $10 or buy them in advance by clicking here!

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We had 13 players out this past Sunday afternoon enjoying an afternoon of Scrabble.  Prize for highest scorer this month goes to Ruth Still.  Next Scrabble Drop-in is Sunday  May 13th, Mother’s Day!

All mother’s  in attendance will receive a special gift.


Special thanks to Diane for leading this past Sunday’s get-together!

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 $5 per class.

Thursdays 5:30-6:30 pm

Drop in

Matts supplied

All levels!


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Get in shape for Spring with ……
The Cherry Valley Chick’s Excercise Group
Gentle exercises in a friendly group atmosphere to a video
 10-11 am Wednesdays.
No charge. 

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Here is our Agenda for our next meeting.  All are welcome to attend.  Have an idea for an event?  Let us know.

-Glen Wallis, Chair Athol Recreation Committee

Athol Rec. Committee Agenda Wed. April 4th 2018 6:30 pm.

1.Call to Order

2.Confirmation of Agenda

2.1 Motion to Confirm Agenda THAT the agenda for the Athol Ward Recreation Committee meeting April 4th 2018 be confirmed.

3.Disclosure of Pecuniary Interest and the General Nature Thereof

4. Adoption of Minutes from Previous Meeting on February 7th 2018.

4.1 Minutes from the meeting held on February 7th 2018.

THAT the Athol Ward Recreation Committee Minutes from the meeting held February 7th be adopted as presented.

5.Deputations (Maximum time per deputation 15 minutes each)

6.Items for Consideration

Review Past Events:

-donation to Choir -update



-Scrabble Tournament

-Scrabble Drop In’s (March 11th, April 8th, May 13th and June 10th )

 Upcoming Events:

-April 21st Improv night

– Clothes Swap (Janet)

-Ping Pong Tournament (needs date and organizer)-Put add in paper for organizer?

-Strawberry Social (Have Choir present)

-Hall Reno Update- Winter Project-

-Other events?   Yard Sale?

– 6.1 Treasurers Report : February & March 2018 report

Other Business:

-Review ads and postering responsibilities

-New membership

-Budget 2018-2019

6.2 Correspondence THAT the Correspondence received from________regarding __________ be received

7.Adjournment MEETING adjourned at _____p.m.


Next Meeting date: May 16th, 2018 6:30 pm

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